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NWA Crypto & Blockchain and our founder Kolin DeShazo strive to bring a premier level of education mainstream and for public use. With our cost affordable training programs, even the most basic user can learn about cryptocurrencies, how to trade and invest in them, all the way to creating their own blockchain.

While being revered by the crypto-space as a phenom trader, & a shark on the charts, Kolin has focused on bringing his knowledge to both experienced day traders as well, as your… well noobs in the space.


Whether you need to learn the basics, or need to build a blockchain, & everything in between..

Get in touch today & Start Your Crypto Venture TODAY!


Live Trading Signals

Go VIP and get the most up to date and some of the best analytics available to find out with trade could be the next explosion that everyone is looking for.. Less than $10 per week!

Weekly Dispatches

Everyone wants to know whats going to happen next with their investment(s). Which trade should they execute next. Whats the next big thing? Well with our weekly analysis for VIP members - You can now find out what our top choices are for each week, upcoming events, news, price action, technical analysis & more.


Where is NWA Crypto?

We are located at 201 West Emma Avenue, Suite #D. Springdale, Arkansas 72764.

We are the FIRST & ONLY Cryptocurrency and Blockchain location in the state!


Crypto is stressful. Its like completely different language for people, and that can be scary. Think of us as your crypto translators.

- Kolin Lukas

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